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Dream Bike

The Dream Bike

    Years went passing by using the discover 100 for more than 5 years, there are some inner feelings that I need a higher cc bike to reach the destination place a little bit early, and adrenaline rushes sometimes to feel the speed of the bike. I didn't say that the speed of the Discover in not much slower somehow I needed much power and some offroading capabilities because of the Indian roads.

    While in the thought of changing the bike my discover saved me from several crashes and accidents. I'll explain one incident that happed a few years back. I was at a speed of 60Kmph on a curve I thought of taking cornering at the training situation and in a slippery road on a fine rainy day moring while returning back home. I bent the bike totally to the left side of the road it ended in a crash. the left side of the leg is totally worse and the upper skin was fully damaged and the road full of blood. I don't know what to do at that situation some peoples gathered and moved me aside from the spot. 

    Then they asked me to go to Government Hospital which was nearby the spot, but I decided to go home, again on the same bike with blood and torn trousers I was headed and entered home mom was totally shocked and started cry I compromised it's nothing and settled at the bed after cleaning the blood. It was my worst crash ever.

    So I kept that too in a mind before buying the higher Cc bikes, and finally, I was decided to go with one of the oldest brand Royal Enfield, I didn't like the classic one but every one gone for that only for the past few years and sale was very high too and they were No 1 in the market. But I always wanted the Standard Edition, because of the kicker starting feel and inspired by some Malayalam Movies like Neelakasham pachakadal chuvanna bhoomi

    But after several searches and went so many times to enquire about the bike at the showroom they have decided that I will not buy a bike he's coming just to waste our time, But I never feel guilty about it because am investing in a bike more than a 2 Lacks it's not simple right?

    And somehow my thought was turning from Royal Enfield to Hero Motors for a low-budget Adventure bike called Xpulse200, and approached them for a test ride, But there are no bikes for a test ride in my native. Then I started to look into the 400Cc segment.

    I had three options in my mind what to take the first is Bajaj Dominor, then KTM 390 Adventure, and finally Royal Enfield Himalayan. I went to these bike showrooms to try which suites me and my riding postures. Unfortunately, I didn't get any test ride bikes to try it. I was totally upset and no stocks too.

    Finally, I asked my friend who worked on Royal Enfield and enquired about the Himalayan he gave me so much hope to take Himlayan rather than the other two bikes for safety matters. I was totally convinced by his talk and approached the showroom to ask about the availability of the bike, I requested them to book White color but unfortunately, there is only one bike on BS6, and that too is a Sleet variant. 

      I sat there and browsed about the color and finally I was agreed to take that one and booked suddenly with no plan and was extremely happy about the moment. The next day is the delivery date, I requested them to take by 5'O Clock in the evening. Father and I have done the other formalities and I called my friend who helped me get the delivery so quick and my college mates and buddy Tamil 😉 too who taught me to ride and took the first delivery, but unfortunately, they have some works, we took delivery and settled back home.

    Still, I can't imagine the dream came true, The date 27th May 2020 and I named my bike "Hawk", he is a year old now. 

    This is the experience about my Dream Bike, Do like, Comment and Share. and please don't forget to comment the name of your dream bike.

Thank You. 

Happy Riding.


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