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Why Do You Need to Lubricate Your Motorcycle?

 Many riders miss the importance of the chain by modifying the other components of the bikes just for looks and some fancy stuffs, so i would like to give first priority to the chains because we unable to ride a bike without the chains, if its ignored or not taken care it may cause a big problem to your motorcycle.

Chain lube helps to move the bike smoothly and you can feel it smooth after lubing. Below I have listed some tips to take care of your chain on any type of motor cycle.

It doesn’t matter whether you own an older bike, or have a newer, more modern machine, lubrication should be an essential part of your maintenance kit.

  • A dry chain cause bad gear shifting.
  • It reduces the chain noise if it's clean and lubricated.
  • You can save some money when your are taking care of your chains.        
I will not recommend or say that this lube is best, but each and every product quality will differ and cost too.

When coming to my Royal Enfield Himalayan I use kerosene to clean the chain and Vista Chain Lube or sometimes Liqui Moly, i can feel the difference by using both. the density and the stickiness differs on both. 

How to apply chain lube on motorcycle?

Here's a step by step guide on how to effectively apply lube,

  • Place you bike on a centre stand or if you don't have centre stand use paddock stand to lift your rear wheel up.
  • Then start your bike and leave it on first gear for few minutes to produce some heat on chains.
  • After that apply some chain cleaner or some kerosene to remove dust and dirt from then chains.
  • Use toothbrush or chain cleaning brush to clean dirt from the nook and corners of the chain.
  • Then take a clean cloth and wipe off the remaining dust from the chain.
  • Now shake well your chain lube and the start rotating rear wheel by your hands on anti clock wise and spray it on all different angles.

some peoples only clean and lube the bigger sprocket side and forget to clean the inner sprocket. You can clean the inner sprocket by every 3000 to 5000 kms. take a look at the picture of the dirt from the inner sprocket.

This is the end of the blog, dear fellow riders make sure that your chains are lubed every 500kms or every 10 Days once.


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